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frequently asked questions

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1. Why do I need to have my jewellery valued?

Most valuations undertaken are for Insurance replacement purposes, but there are a number of other reasons why you may seek an IRV's assistance in connection with a valuation. For example: Probate Valuation Private sale Divorce/Family division.

2. Who should value my jewellery?

A valuation is an informed opinion based upon many years of experience allied to formal training in gemmology and other specialist areas of product knowledge. Valuations need to be undertaken today to a very high standard, the highest level is represented by the National Association of goldsmiths Institute of Registered Valuers. All N.A.G. Institute Registered Valuers who currently number around 160 throughout the United Kingdom and Irish Republic, have proved their expertise to their peers, with formal gemmological qualifications and substantial experience within the industry. They must also conform to the requirements of equipment for gem testing / grading and hold a thorough library of reference material. Valuations carried out by a N.A.G Institue Registered Valuer will be undertaken professionally to the prescribed standards and ethically, and liable to routine monitoring by the association itself to maintain those standards.

3. Why do values vary? 

Values vary due to the fluctuation in the market and exchange rates. It is equally important when you leave your jewellery for appraisal that you clarify with the valuer the purpose for which you require the finished valuation. Items of jewellery are valued differently for different purposes. You might wonder about the gap between the insurance value of an item and the amount you would get as a private individual, if you choose to sell the pieces.

4. What documentation should I receive? 

The schedule should include: 
- Detailed descriptions 
- Details of the assessment of diamonds and additional gemstones 
- Hallmarking information 
- Condition statement 
- Provenance or research, if appropriate 
- Visual digital images 
- Values with the appropriate type of insurance qualification 
- Duplicate copy of schedule to be forwarded to Insurance broker

5. How long should it take? 

This depends on the number and complexity of the items. Your items would be returned to you and the documentation will follow within a couple of days once we have carried out the research and valuation. We do appreciate that sometimes a very quick service is required and where possible we do our very best to oblige.